Nov 23, 2011

Heidi Maryssa's

1. not to trust someone easily, - trust is like a building. To build it, you need months or maybe years, but it can be destroyed in one second. Even if you got a friend from primary school, you should never ever put 100% trust on her/him. You gotta save 1% of doubt.

2. not to judge someone easily, - when you meet someone in town, she's smiling for you, don't have a thought that she's nice. And when you meet someone who has a tattoo on his arm or not wearing tudung, don't have a thought that he or she is going to hell. Who are you? You're not even an angel, just a human with lust. And judging a person is only for idiots.

3. not to get mad easily, - anger, the hardest thing to control. Especially, when you're stressed out. Even if you read a million books on anger management, nothing will change, unless you control it by yourselves. There's actually two types of anger. First, when you really really mad at something or someone. Second, when you get mad, you throw your anger to people, just only to gain respect. No, we won't respect you. We afraid of you, but we'll never respect. So, are you happy? Even Angry Birds died just bcoz of they're angry. We got a million ways to gain respect, to settle down a problem, to release our stress, and getting mad is one of the wrong ways. I just hope i don't choose this way.

4. not to love easily, - first, please believe me that Edward Cullen never exist. Love is a very special thing. Don't waste it for someone who will never appreciate it. Don't get me wrong, you can love anyone, anything, but.. if you've found out that he's not loving you like you do, so don't take a risk of loving him. You might lose your heart. And it takes time to heal.