Aug 28, 2014

It was worth it in the end.

One thing that I've learned through out my breakdown, fall out and depression is that sometimes it's not enough to just feel grateful with everything that you have. But you have to be patience with the things that life spit at you as well. You may not like certain things that life offers you now, but later you'll realized why it happened that way. But you just have to be patience to know the reason why.

I came to realized that nothing in life was made perfect. Maybe today you hope that you would be better off dead when somebody out there just glad to know that they still have the chance to live. Maybe today you welcomed the birth of a new member in the family but somewhere out there, someone might be crying his eyes out knowing that his loved one had gone forever. Maybe today you achieved something that is beyond your expectation but on the other side of the world, someone might already gave up in themselves. And in the end, we will experienced all that. It's just the matter of time. And everyone is unconsciously waiting for their turn to feel the sweetness or maybe the bitterness of their life. But the sad thing is, we never realized this. All we ever care about is being happy. We stressed too much about that without wanting to get hurt. But the truth is, you can't have the rainbow without a little rain.