Sep 13, 2014

When no ones left to take ur side

It sucks not to have that one good friend who is always there beside you at school. It sucks not to have those friends who is always proud of ur achievements and believe that you can do better. It really sucks.

I always have that moment where i simply close my eyes, recalling all the memories that i used to share with my closed friends. I can feel their absence. I can picture their smile. And i can hear their voices of laughter, slowly killing me from the inside. A part of me just got weaken everytime i wish they were here with me.

So i will force myself to open my eyes, to get my feet on the ground, because there's no more that one person who would remind me not to take advantage of everything that i have now. After all those loneliness i have to face, those days where i end up crying because i feel like i could not turn to anybody and those times where i choose not depend on anybody else, i actually learn something form it;

I've learn to be independent.
And i manage to live in the emptiness of being alone.